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About Me

Welcome 😊


My name is Gosia Englander and I am an experienced health & well-being transformational coach (HWHM), counselor, happiness coach and personal trainer who combines a wide range of self-empowering treatments and a range of communication skills in order to offer a holistic care and support for mind & body, all wrapped up with health and happiness. For over 20 years have been offering guidance & coaching & practical support for clients’ minds and bodies, strongly believing that the best answers for our lives are within us; that our happiness and health starts in our minds.

Providing coaching that gives You the tools for success. 

Providing coaching to align Your needs with the life You have. 


As a happiness coach, I’m helping clients to find true happiness - the highest form of health.


It is my pleasure to be serving You, to work with You to make Your happiness & weight & health & well-being dreams come true.

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What Is My Actual Support About 

​Let me take You to the whole new level of health & happiness - to the level, You would never imagine is possible, till NOW! 


  • It is not about fads, pills, powders, diets or exercise challenges.

  • It is about recognising and celebrating achievements, coaching You to make life lasting changes to finally live life on Your terms.

  • It is based on our partnership in transforming Your whole life, from putting structure into Your routine to improving Your health. From being kinder to Yourself to having laughter at my courses.  From just knowing what to do to actually implementing person-centered designed action plans for Your health & happiness & well-being in Your life.


  • My support is all about overall self-love and becoming the best friend / version of yourself – all person centred, all aligned with our desires and all being based on actual working and effective action plan.


I guarantee You a breakthrough moment in Your life. 

Approaches, Methods, Skills 

  • Use of a bio-psycho-social approach, such as - Brief solution focused therapy - low level CBT - counselling - motivational therapy - strengths/asset focused therapy - NLP -positive psychology - wellbeing & healthy lifestyles interventions  -mindfulness -stress reduction techniques -weight management techniques.

  • Having worked in 3 different countries I have a great sense of flexibility and practical knowledge of different schools; models care and approaches.

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My Working Background

  • Over 20 years of working in the mental health & social care & health & fitness fields.

  • Supporting people all across the adult age - oldest client 96.

  • Have worked for the NHS as well as variety of charities, psychiatric hospitals, housing associations, community centres, individual homes and a range of over 20 various workplaces. 

  • Organising & delivering emotional and physical health & well-being 1-2-1 consultations / lifestyle assessments / counselling / weight loss advice & monitoring  and running weight management courses for Public Health England.