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Rewiring Yourself

Health Consultancy and HWHM Transformational Coaching.

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Become a part of a happier & healthier community.

Taking your whole life to the next level - emotionally, mentally, physically & socially. 

Rewiring Yourself Mission 

Support That TRULY Makes a Difference and Brings Communities Together

  • Creating an outstanding, warm and kind, healthy & happy community where everyone feels valued, uplifted, significant and well supported. 

  • Creating a happier, more understanding & kinder world for everyone, filled with joy, laughter, and appreciation of the little daily miracles.  

Your Gains

  • You will be guided and coached through the process of creating a personalised and unique vision of a happier & healthier You

  • You will breach the gap between now & here and where your vision & desires take You in the future

  • You will finally live your life on your terms and in harmony with yourself.

  • You will develop a healthy & happy mindset and long-lasting habits

  • You will have constant encouragement & motivation every step of the way till You accomplish Your goals

  • You will finally take ownership of Your health & happiness to create the life You truly deserve, with more time and the right balance between personal & work life

  • You will have a clear vision of The New You.

  • You will be better prepared for any big life changes starting with changing houses and employment to retiring

  • You will gain much more confidence, self - esteem and much more improved relationship with yourself as well as with others

  • Your resilience for daily stresses and pressures will significantly rise

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Happy & Healthy Program

Taking Your health & happiness to a completely new level 

Create the life you truly deserve 


  • Practical and educational health & happiness programs for holistic improvements of clients lives.

  • Home-based at Your home. 

  • A free phone assessment followed up by 10x 2h sessions. 

  • Programs available over weekends.

  • Geographic areas covered: South Surrey and West Sussex.

  • From losing weight to gaining muscles, sleeping better, having more structure in a week, improved healthy eating & hydration and health & happiness needs being met.

  • A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH - my programs connect what we know with what we do.

  • You do not need to do it all by yourself - let me help you.  

  • Client's Transformation.



Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Stabilising Your health to help move You forward to create the healthier version of Yourself

Guidance & Visualisation & Inspiration

NEW places available in November ​

  • 1-2-1 practical & educational health consultations. 

  • A program designed in collaboration with You


    Free short assessment followed up by a variety of packages design to meet your needs (silver, gold, platinum)


    Early mornings & late evenings skype / phone call support available. 

  • Weekly updates sent as emails. 

  • Areas of support:

1) Working with You to stabilise and improve Your health. 

2) Helping You to make positive and lasting changes to Your health.

3) Helping You to feel Your best through individualised food and lifestyle changes that meet Your unique needs and health goals.

4) Educating You about Your medical conditions, creating health management plans.

5) Putting health action plans in place to help you gain / maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6) Establishing dietary plans, safe exercise routines, and monitoring systems.

7) Matching adequate physical activities with Your personal needs and capabilities.

8) Preparing You mentally and nutritionally for a variety of operations, and with healing after them.

9) Coaching You with visualisation of your healthier & happier You

The way You think creates Your reality, so consequently, You are a product of your choices. Let me help you to blossom in Your health - You do not  need to do it by yourself! 

-'Client's Transformation'



The Happiness You Deserve courses

Your happiness journey to improved physical & emotional & mental well-being 

Happiness is found when We recognise, value and celebrate our individual uniqueness without comparing to one another. When We create a happy community by combining our strengths.

20h of outstanding - life-changing courses delivered in 2 ways: 

- Intensive The Happiness You Deserve course:

5 weeks - 4h / session

- Moderate The Happiness You Deserve course:

10 weeks - 2h / session

  • A practical course that combines general interactive discussion, practical exercises, mindfulness practices, individual and group work, and happiness games.

  • A course that combines mindfulness, positive psychology, happiness activities, entertainment, and practical knowledge of a great range of well-being & health information.

  • stress reduction techniques, improved relationship with yourself and others, and a positive self-image

  • A course that will equip you with drug-free tools & techniques that you can keep applying to your daily lives. You will gain a broad understanding and invaluable advice on how to achieve your goals and objectives.


A course that will change your life forever!

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